Give students a wiggle break during ELA lessons while staying in a learning mindset. Your class will love these ELA focused activities and forget they are even practicing important reading, spelling and vocabulary skills!

1. GoNoodle Plus: Montana James and The Palace of Peril (3-5 minutes)
Go on a grammatical adventure in this board-style game that uses cross-lateral movements to enliven the brain. Features grade-appropriate grammatical skills practice for K-8.
Find it in: The GoNoodle Plus, channel, the “Energizing” and “ELA” categories.

2. GoNoodle Plus: Word Jam (4 minutes)
Explore vocabulary with a fun, full-body experience. Every word in Word Jam can be defined through movement, and we’ve turned them into a frenetic game of keep-up. Use the summary screen to talk about word meaning and how it relates to the movement performed.
Find it in: The GoNoodle Plus channel, the “Energizing” and “ELA” categories.

3. GoNoodle Plus: Freeze It (1 minute)
Freeze It features multiple categories, including several for ELA application. The “Reading (K-5)” category helps students develop automaticity in sight words. Also use the “Emotions (K-5)” category to explore emotional vocabulary through action and movement.
Find it in: The GoNoodle Plus channel, the “Vigorous” and “ELA” categories.

4. GoNoodle Plus: Bodyspell (3-5 minutes)
Practice spelling with the whole body. Teachers love Bodyspell because you can use our grade-appropriate spelling lists, or you can enter your own!
Find it in: The GoNoodle Plus channel, the “Energizing” and “ELA” categories.

5. Airtime Space (2-3 minutes)
Every deep breathing session in Airtime is rewarded with a postcard, featuring fun facts from the final frontier. Choose a student to read the postcard aloud, read them aloud to the class, or print copies of the postcard for the students and wrap an ELA exercise around the content.
Find it in: The GoNoodle Plus channel, the “Calming” category.