Butterflies in the stomach, stress, test-anxiety… many of our students know these feelings all too well. Help them take ahold of these negative emotions before a test so they can confidently show what they know! Here are five GoNoodle videos to help.

1. Flow (4 minutes)
We all remember the scary feeling before a test. Flow helps kids visualize calming, empowering self-management concepts for dealing with stress. Try any of the three exercises in the “Stress” category to help your students feel awesome and confident before a test.
Find it in: The GoNoodle channel, the “Calming” and “Stretching/Yoga” categories.

2. GoNoodle Plus: Freeze It (1 minute)
Fun goes a long way toward clearing the brain of stress and anxiety! Freeze It is just one minute long, filled with positive music, and kids have a blast freestyle dancing. Furthermore, you can select a content category that puts kids in the right mindset for the test they’re about to take.
Find it in: The GoNoodle channel, the “Energizing” category.

3. “Congratulations “ with Maximo (4 minutes)
Stretching improves circulation through the body and helps brains feel more alert! Take a few minutes to stretch with Maximo before a test. With this specific video, “Congratulations,”  you can give kids a pre-emptive congrats for a job well done.
Find it in: The GoNoodle channel, the “Calming” and “Stretching/Yoga” categories.

4. Let It Go (4 minutes)
This empowerment anthem has become a popular refrain for kids when they’re dealing with challenges or adversity. Give them a few minutes to get up, move around, and remind themselves to let go of what’s bothering them — in this case, test stress.
Find it in: The YouTube channel, the “Calming” category.

5. Airtime (2-3 minutes)
Never underestimate the power of simple deep breathing to melt away stress — it’s scientific! 2 minutes of deep breathing in Airtime can get your class ready for what’s next by ridding little minds of anxious thoughts.
Find it in: The GoNoodle channel, the “Calming” and “Stretching/Yoga” categories.