4 Ways To Enlighten Others About GoNoodle

Taylor Greene


“Teachers are superheroes. No matter what pressures or new initiatives are thrown their way, their focus is always about giving their students the highest quality education. For me, granting my students the greatest form of education means incorporating GoNoodle into my classroom. Because of this, I’ve realized it’s a disservice to students if I don’t spread the word about GoNoodle to others. Here are 4 ways I’ve successfully introduced teachers to this incredible resource.” - Simon M., GoNoodle UK Ambassador and teacher

For all you teachers out there who love and rely on GoNoodle each day to get the wiggles out, get your students moving, stretching, reflecting and learning, kudos to you! Shockingly, there are still so many teachers out there who don't know about GoNoodle!  This is where we come in: for many of us, this is the start of a new school year. It’s the perfect opportunity to share GoNoodle with our colleagues to make our schools better, happier, more active places!

Here are my top 4 tips for sharing GoNoodle with your colleagues:

  1. "Do you GoNoodle?"

Simply asking is oftentimes enough to get your fellow teachers’ attention. If you GoNoodle with your class, people will notice and very soon people will hear about your milkshakes with Koo Koo Kangaroo, your stretching with Maximo and your hip hop dancing with Blazer Fresh. Others will love to get moving too and before long, everyone will be asking “Do you GoNoodle?”

  1. "I use this free tool..."

What teacher doesn’t love a freebie?!? I know I do! If you spread the word to your colleagues about this free resource that has revolutionized your classroom I’m willing to bet they will pay attention.

  1. Actions speak louder than words!

The best way for teachers to witness the benefits of GoNoodle is for them to see it in action. I encourage you to invite them along to a GoNoodle introduction session in your classroom...they’ll quickly realize how much fun it can be!

  1. "It’s attractive for teachers and parents"

The beauty of GoNoodle is it can be used anywhere, including at home. To get your student’s parents on board print off the [GoNoodle At Home] letter and send it home with your children. They'll love sharing it with their parents and siblings, who in turn will ask other teachers if they can GoNoodle too!

Perhaps you have some other tips. If so, we'd love for you to share them below, or better yet, in the [GoNoodle Community on Facebook]!