3 ways GoNoodle helps my bilingual students!

Taylor Greene


“GoNoodle has changed how my students feel about learning a new language. I have found that little kids need a lot of movement to be able to learn, and by using GoNoodle in my Bilingual classroom I am able to get them moving, help them learn English and celebrate their accomplishments!” – Leslie S., GoNoodle Ambassador

I was initially drawn to GoNoodle as a way to help release classroom energy and thereby increase concentration and my students’ ability to learn.  I quickly found that GoNoodle provided an opportunity for my bilingual students to improve their language acquisition while talking, learning and making friends at the same time.  Here are 3 ways GoNoodle benefits my bilingual students:

  1. GoNoodle is fun and and increases language acquisition! At first, my students were a little surprised that we were dancing and singing in the classroom, (they were probably mostly caught off guard that their teacher was doing it with them)! However, it didn’t take long for them to fall in love with GoNoodle and beg for the videos whenever we moved between subjects.  The amazing part was that even though we only were using GoNoodle during subject transitions, my students soon learned how to sing the songs completely (without even realizing they were building up their English vocabulary). What a win, win!
  1. GoNoodle builds self confidence and breaks down language barriers! Whenever we take part in school wide GoNoodle Indoor Recess, my students do not feel out of place because they know the dances and songs, and feel like they can keep up with the English speaking students.  I especially love using any of the Secret Handshake videos because they facilitate new friendships with shaking hands and introductions. I am so grateful how GoNoodle’s videos have helped my students build more self-confidence about learning a new language, and show them how it can be fun too!
  1. GoNoodle makes students less reluctant about learning English! With GoNoodle, my students are not reluctant about learning English anymore! I initially introduced my class to GoNoodle with the Game On  videos and My Questions (in Spanish), but my students soon became eager to explore the GoNoodle vault! I soon began integrating the English videos and questions into our subject transitions and were able to follow and learn more and more!