3 Genius Tricks for Using GoNoodle as Bait


3 Genuis Tricks for using GoNoodle as Bait

What is more motivating than a classroom dance party, yoga break with Maximo or ninja training session with Koo Koo Kanga Roo? Christy and Tammy from Fluttering Through First Grade know just how to use GoNoodle to keep their students on track, motivated and engaged. Check out their genius ideas for integrating GoNoodle into their classrooms, and be sure to hop over to their blog at the end for a special GoNoodle giveaway!


Raise your hand if your class loves GoNoodle? Our students beg for it...

It's no secret most classes who try it, quickly become obsessed with GoNoodle Brain Breaks...And as long as we aren't telling secrets, their teachers kind of love it too!

As teachers we recognize the need for our students to move. It makes them better listeners, which in turn makes them better learners. So we have GoNoodle time worked into our schedule daily. But, we do make them work for it because, well...it allows us to dangle a few GoNoodle class carrots which helps them and us eat it up! :)

We gathered some GoNoodle swag together and used our noggins to keep them noodling.

Here's what's working for us...


We used the GoNoodle Champ Stickers to create a little motivation in our class pocket chart. We begin each day with the letters to spell "GoNoodle" showing. Each time we catch them using their noodles (AKA making smart choices), we turn over a letter. Once all the letters are turned over and the champs are revealed, they earn their GoNoodle time!
We also like to get our class involved in picking our breaks so there is major brain buy in.

Sometimes we use the good old popsicle sticks in a cup. Each stick has the student's name or number on it. We pull a stick and call them up to pick our next activity.

We also made our own class GoNoodle necklaces to help us catch them using their noodles during independent work time...

We made 3 necklaces which float around the classroom, moving from student to student throughout a designated work time. Where they'll land, nobody knows. Plus, they can move to a new student at any moment, which keeps them all on their toes. When the work period is up, whomever is left with the necklaces gets to be our "Noodler Choosler" for the day.

When it's class noodle time, the Noodler Chooslers return their necklaces to the pocket chart (no choking hazards, right?) and head on up to make their picks.

Keeping the GoNoodle motivation high by changing it up keeps them working hard for their own Brain Break picks.

So what's in your GoNoodle bag of teacher tricks?

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