10 Ways to Use GoNoodle at Home


10 Ways to Use GoNoodle at Home
Parents, as a 4th grade classroom teacher who loves GoNoodle for its classroom benefits, I’ve found tons of ways to use GoNoodle at home with my 5 and 9-year-olds, Chelsea and Cullen. As a mom, it’s a game changer to have something active my kids can do when the weather is bad, or anytime we need to burn energy. Here are 10 ideas to get GoNoodling at home! -Kara B.

  1. Start the day off with a positive mindset. Whether it be a school day, lazy weekend morning, or before summer camp, starting the day off with a positive thought and motivation helps a child’s mood and self-confidence. GoNoodle’s Think About It series is perfect for giving my kids one positive though to carry with them all day. My pick: Celebrate the New Day.

  2. Play time with friends and family. Having a playdate or just need something to keep your kiddos from telling you the infamous, “I’m bored!”? GoNoodle is the answer. My kids love sharing GoNoodle with their friends, and singing and dancing along! Put your kids in the driver’s seat to show off their favorites. Awesome Rainbows by Koo Koo Kangaroo is my personal fav!

  3. Stay active together! No time for the gym because of your hectic schedule? Wrack up a few minutes of movement with GoNoodle. These kid-friendly workouts are fun (and challenging!) for adults too. My Pick: Total Motion with Fresh Start Fitness. Feel the burn for 20 continuous minutes!

  4. Motivation Station. Need an extra carrot to dangle in front of your kids to get them to follow directions, get chores done, or eat their veggies? Promise a few minutes of GoNoodle time at the end. Works like a charm! Let your child pick their own GoNoodle reward! Cullen’s pick: Anything by Run with US. Chelsea’s pick: Run Like the Kitty OR Kitty High Five. (My girl loves kitties!)

  5. Homework headaches? All kids need a minute or three to regroup, refocus, and re-energize during homework time. Short bursts of activity actually make the brain function better, it’s science! My pick: Disco Brain.

  6. Oh, the weather outside is frightful. Rain? Snow? Heat wave? Whatever the weather, GoNoodle keeps kids moving with Mega Mixes – mash-ups of the most popular GoNoodle videos! My pick: Mega Mix #4.

  7. Road Trip? Headed to see Aunt Lulubelle and Uncle Shish Kabob, and need to get the wiggles out during a potty break? Bust out your tablet or smartphone for a parking lot dance party! My pick: Happy with Zumba Kids. 

  8. Game night. Take a break from sitting around the table with your board games by adding Game On! games! My pick: Ultimate Champ Training (one of the only things my 5 and 8-year-olds can agree on!)

  9. Saturday Night Fever! Have a family-wide dance party in your living room! Awesome entertainment without paying a babysitter. Our family picks: Get Yo Body Movin’, Call Me Maybe, or anything with Zumba Kids.

  10. Calm down before bedtime. Wound up after a busy day? Trust me, I get it. Let GoNoodle help get everyone ready for Mr. Sandman with calming relaxation. My pick: Flow. My kids’ pick: Anything by Maximo, a yoga-instructing monkey!

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