10 Ways to GoNoodle for Beginners

Hi new GoNoodler! Kara B., 4th grade teacher here. When I first discovered GoNoodle I thought it looked fun, but wasn’t sure if it would become a valuable part of our day. Now, I can’t imagine my classroom without GoNoodle, and I’m excited to help you get started!

Hopefully you won’t see GoNoodle as “one more thing” to fit into your day, but rather you’ll make time for greater focus, improved academic achievement and more physical activity. Here are 10 ideas for integrating brain breaks into your day…

  1. Morning meeting – If your class is like mine, your students come off the bus with insane amounts of energy. Pick a stretching brain break to get the day started on the right foot. My pick: Maximo’s Tight Rope.

  2. Subject transitions – After math, my students’ brains (and mine!) are fried. Take a vigorous brain break to release the wiggles and re-energize the brain before moving onto the next subject. My Pick: Pop See Ko by Koo Koo Kanga Roo.

  3. After lunch or recess – Things can get scary after lunch and recess with so much energy and so little space ;). A calming brain break is necessary to bring everyone back down to earth so we can transition into learning. My Pick: Airtime Space.

  4. Before (and after!) a big test – I hate how stressed my 4th graders get before tests (they are only 10!), so I always take the time to do something relaxing beforehand, then something fun afterward. My Picks: Flow before a test, Happy with Zumba Kids after a test.

  5. Indoor Recess – Physical activity is a super important part of our day, so when it’s too cold to go outside we rely on GoNoodle’s Indoor Recess Mega Mixes! LIFE SAVER. My Pick: Mega Mix #3 (13 mins is my perfect length)

  6. Opportunities for leadership – My students love any chance to be in-charge, so each day we have a student leader who is in charge of several things around our class, one of-which is picking a brain break. My Pick: I’m not in control of this one, but if I was the student leader I’d pick Kitty High Five because it always makes me laugh.

  7. End-of-the day reward – If we’ve had an especially well-behaved and productive day, I let my students play a few extra brain breaks before going home. Knowing they have the chance to play hard motivates my students to work hard (which I love!). My Pick: Again, I always let my students pick their reward brain breaks, but our class favorites are Run With US, or anything by Koo Koo Kanga Roo.

  8. Add your own YouTube – This genius feature allows you to add any video from YouTube and play them inside your GoNoodle account. No more sketchy ads or sidebar distractions! More about the YouTube feature. My Pick: “What Does the Fox Say” by Just Dance.

  9. Core-subject practice with GoNoodle Plus – GoNoodle is totally free, but there is a premium subscription that gives you access to additional brain breaks that align to core-subjects, and allows you to integrate custom questions into the games. Worth the $10/month to me! My Pick: Freeze It.

  10. Explore the GoNoodle blog for more ideas – Never stop learning… the GoNoodle blog is full of awesome inspiration for making your life easier and more fun. Start exploring!