Inkwell - Go Noodle-45“Back to School is here, and along with that comes the annual, somewhat dreaded, inevitable “Beginning of the Year Assessments.” It seems like no matter what district you’re in, or what grade level you teach, pre-assessments are a pretty universal occurrence, along with student’s test anxiety. Here are my top 10 GoNoodle video recommendations to help your students combat test anxiety!” – Lauren, GoNoodle Ambassador

10. Any video on the Maximo channel!  Maximo is the perfect monkey to help your students warm up, breathe deep, and get focused!  I like “Empire State” and “Star of the Show” before tests- twinkle!

9. “Relieve Anxiety” on the Empower Tools channel.  This is the perfect video for helping students manage their breath and to self-regulate their anxiety levels.

8. “Chillax” by Koo Koo Kanga Roo.  Set the mood for a stress-free testing environment with Neil and Bryan!

7. “Airtime” and “Airtime Space” on the Game On! channel.  Your students will love finding out facts about different areas of the United States and the Solar System after taking deep calming breaths.  My students love these!

6. “Try Your Best” on the Think About It channel.  This video is a quick reminder for students to give their best effort.

5. “Victorious” on the Flow channel.  This is one of my favorites from Flow!  Set students up for victory with this one!

4. “Bring it Down” on the Flow channel.  This is a great choice for helping students manage their anxiety levels.

3. “Strengthen Your Focus” on the Empower Tools channel.  This video packs a powerful punch!  Students practice staying focused and balanced while drowning out distractions, which is exactly what we hope for them while they’re testing!  Add this one to your favorites!

2. “Super Crazy Eights” from the Brainercise with Mr. Catman channel.  This one really gets my students’ brains primed for test taking!

1. “Take a Breath” on the Awesome Sauce channel.  It’s simply perfect and my favorite to play before testing!  Definitely check this one out!